Read the NY Times paper, without paper

VistatimesreaderThis is another nail in the coffin for standalone electronic literature readers, in my opinion. Microsoft Vista will include functionality to replicate the New York Times look and feel in a digital version on any notebook or desktop. Dubbed "Times Reader", the electronic version of the daily paper was demonstrated at the annual American Society of Newspaper Editions meeting. The New York Times is debating on a charge for the electronic version of the paper; my guess is that a limited content edition will be available for free while full New York Times subscribers will likely receive the entire digital edition at no additional charge. Again, just my guess at this point, but it’s clear that Vista will support downloading and formatting of newspapers. The Times Reader function includes some great features such as annotating and clipping docs, slide shows of the images and a seven-day archive.

No exact details on if this reader software in Vista will also support magazines, which is likely of great interest to the folks over at Zinio. I’ve used Zinio for years to subscribe to and read digital versions of my favorite magazines and the experience has been outstanding. Hmm…yesterday it was BitLocker and today it’s electronic print media in Vista; are you getting compelled to plan an upgrade to Vista?


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