Quicksilver Screencast: The Setup

Well, I’ve finally gotten the next Quicksilver Screencast put together. I’ve changed gears a few times, and it’s prolonged the release. Sorry about that. But hopefully we’re on course to start this the right way, and build upon it.

Instead of doing a back to basics type of screencast, I’ve chosen to do a setup piece. I’ve run through the entire setup of Quicksilver, from intitial installation setup, to plugin installs, and every other preference you can choose. By the end, your environment should look just like mine – or at least have all the common elements I’m using. That’s not to say that my setup is the RIGHT one, but at least we’ll avoid the missteps from before of people missing plugins, actions, etc.

Important note: The audio is not great on this version of the screencast. I’m going to re-record it tonight to make things clean and clear. But I’ve kept my *cough* loyal fans waiting long enough… So I’m putting this out now for you to get a look at. I’ll update it tomorrow so you can get a clean audio explanation with it.

UPDATED: now a .mov file – the .mp4 was not working for some people.
Quicksilver: The Setup (mov – 65mb)
coming soon: iPod version

I’ll be following with some Quicksilver tricks and more fun things shortly. Really. Not ‘shortly’ by my standards, but really soon! But I felt it was important to get everyone on the same page.

Meanwhile, see the past Screencasts and start playing around a bit.

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