Browser showdown: IE7 vs. Firefox

Ie7_logo This has to be one of the best articles I’ve read in some time on the browser battles. Ed Bott authored an excellent opinion piece outlining his time with the IE7 Beta 2 preview side-by-side with Firefox. I’ve got a similar set up with IE 7 Beta 2 for XP and Firefox on my Tablet, while also running IE 7 for Vista on a desktop. I couldn’t do the comparison the justice that Ed did, so if you read one story today, make it this one.

My personal observations so far (which are generally in agreement with Ed’s):

  • Microsoft has taken some features of Firefox and actually improved them. Navigation and usage of tabbed browsing is actually better in IE 7.
  • Along the same lines, opening new tabs in IE 7 is easier than in IE 6 with the Windows Live Toolbar.
  • RSS feeds are more effective in IE 7.
  • Firefox still has the huge benefit of free extensions to make up for functional gaps.
  • Firefox still appears to render faster than IE for me.

Have you downloaded IE 7 Beta 2? What do you think of where IE is heading?


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