Optical LANs Are Coming

Given how expensive optical equipment is these days, it is laughable to even suggest that we will have local area networks based on optical networking technologies. But in not so near distant future it is going to be a distinct reality.

Japanese giants Fujitsu and Mitsui have formed a new start-up, QD Laser, ,to explore opportunities in quantum dot lasers. The technology was developed by Fujitsu Ltd., Fujitsu Laboratories, and Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa’s laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Quantum dots are a “single nanometer” semiconductor particles, and can be used as the basis of Quantum Dot Lasers, which are said to be far superior to conventional lasers. They have the ability to work over longer distances and can also support higher speeds. The Japanese companies contend that the QDLs will become light sources for optical networks, and will eventually find their way into optical access and local area networks. What really is strange about this deal is that the companies are investing about 290 million yen, which works out to about $2.5 million.

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