Choices are important

It seems our cult of Mac has been turned upside down with the advent of running another OS on a Mac. Yes I know about Yellow Dog and other Nixen and that’s great for specific applications. Some say Windows on a Mac is bad news for Mac OS X, while others defend OS X as superior and anyone deflecting is stupid and weird. It’s hard to belive even more people are happily installing Virtual PC or Parallels right now for the alternative needs.
The reality (or irony, your choice) of all of these camps is no one is wrong. Sometimes you need all a computer can give to the tool being used. Other times, emulating a Pentium 2 processor is fine and dandy. In all cases, Apple, Microsoft, and Parallels are filling a need that hasn’t been filled in 30 years. People want choice, and who are we to deny or scoff at someone for that? Please join me in welcoming all of this, because for once a tech company is saying “Hey, it’s your computer and your experience, and we’re not locking you into some software you might not like”. There are people who don’t like OS X, and those people like Apple hardware. There are people who hate commodity hardware and software, and they choose Macs with OS X. There are even people who hate complicated computers all together. In all case, Apple fills that need, and last I checked they sell hardware for each of these situations. All businesses are about filling a need, giving customers choice, and answering demand. It’s good to see a leader pulling out their best to do that.

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