Mark Stahlman, analyst with Carris & Company thinks that even though Apple’s Boot Camp move might look smart now, Apple will face a moment of truth once Microsoft Vista comes out. In a note this morning to his clients, Stahlman writes…. Just as Apple shifts to […]

Mark Stahlman, analyst with Carris & Company thinks that even though Apple’s Boot Camp move might look smart now, Apple will face a moment of truth once Microsoft Vista comes out. In a note this morning to his clients, Stahlman writes….

Just as Apple shifts to Intel’s NGMA (Next Generation Micro-Architecture) and releases the next version of its OS X (codenamed “Leopard”), Microsoft will be flooding the market with its long-awaited Vista operating system and rival computer vendors will be upstaging Apple’s Intel-based products with even better AMD-based systems. Microsoft Vista is likely to be viewed as a true competitor to OS X, for the first time closing the operating system gap.

What…. does the world worry about a company whose market share of the PC market isn’t even in the high single digits. I think from a stock stand point, he does have a point. Apple (like Google) is priced for perfection, and any hiccups will only get magnified. Of course, Mark also is the same analyst who made the siren call: GOOG 2000.

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  1. “for the first time closing the operating system gap” has been going once since windows 3.0

  2. How embarrassing. Normally you read comments from a lot of clueless Analysts but this one’s a cherry.

    Vista isn’t looking so hot since the consumer version has been delayed into 2007. Rumors of ` code rewrites are floating around on the net and this guy is better the farm.

    Then he trying to play the AMD card. Ummmmm guess you were sleeping at CEBIT and IDF when Intel showed benchmarks showing Conroe (Pentium 4 replacement) is besting AMD’s current procs by .

    File this bozo where he belongs in the clown section. Also if it’s this easy to be an analyst please someone hire me because I can make up stuff too.

  3. Well, Apple can’t remain a gated community forever. The move to Intel was the right step, and BootCamp is another good one.

    My company got XP running on an iMac yesterday, and it was impressive. Allowing XP, and presumably Vista, on Apple hardware will remove one more barrier for the enterprise. This will allow Apple to increase market share.

    Vista will be formidable competition regardless.

    The better long-term solution will be virtualization, so that one can switch between Mac and Win in the same session. I imagine we will see this in the form of a new Virtual PC from MS, or Apple adopting Xen.

  4. Another clueless MS stock promoter posing as an “analyst”. I would think that Apple reacted to feedback it was getting, and the web “contest” stirring up more. With Intel’s “virtualization” technology coming soon, alongside all the software variants to VirtualPC, I expect we’ll see Boot Camp morph into multiple options when Leopard appears.

  5. Yo Om Malik; I love your site man, but you gotta stop giving this trash more importance than it’s worth. Vista is junk just like any other Microsoft application. Heck, the entire company is self destructing. Anyone betting on Vista is a blind fool, in my opinion.

  6. did he say – Gap is a clothing company…get real Marky.

  7. Jacob Varghese Thursday, April 6, 2006

    Jarod, please, put the bottle down.
    “Heck, the entire company is self destructing”???

    I’m an apple fanboy, but last time I checked Microsoft still dominates the OS market. It’s office suite is the standard. It’s internet browser is still the standard. They will continue to do well for the forseable future.

    Apple is a niche player that is growing now, but it will be a long time coming before Apple is back in power.

  8. The entire company (M$) is self-destructing. Let’s see:

    1. Windows is so insecure that M$ gets into firewalling and virus-protection software.
    2. Windows is so insecure that a M$ rep recommends wiping the drive and reinstalling Windows as a security effort.
    3. Vista is what, four years late now?
    4. What business unit was completely reorganized and hired new senior management? Oh yeah, the one responsible for Vista.
    5. Office is freaking bloatware. Everyone knows this. That’s why there are a million competitors to the programs that comprise the suite. And M$ ain’t making no friends with calling its customers dinosaurs if they don’t upgrade (as in the latest Office ad).
    6. IE is the standard…of what? How long are you going to smoke internet surveys and polls like they were your favorite illegal herb? Last time I checked, XHTML and CSS was the standard. As far as mindshare goes, IE hasn’t been in the running for years. Here’s another concept — counting the browser preference of people who don’t realize that they have a choice is like trying to ask a rock what it’s favorite music is.
    7. Niche players don’t dominate entire industries. Apple does this. Time to check your definition.


  9. Hey let’s not go too crazy. Vista is delayed…but it’s understandable because it’s a huge undertaking. Microsoft is still doing many things right and with Office 2007 they’ll be entrenching themselves deeper into SMB and Enterprise.

    Apple makes cool products but they don’t provide nowhere near the tools of Redmond. Steve Jobs knows Apple isn’t Enterprise. Thus it is nice to have a platform that can excel in both Creative and Enterprise markets

  10. Jacob Varghese Thursday, April 6, 2006

    Dude, compare the industries and the size of the market that Apple dominates compared to Microsoft.

    What I meant by IE is the standard is that overwhelming that’s what people use ~80% of users. If 80% of the people who use it don’t care what browser they use, well that’s not Microsoft’s fault.

    And yes, like hmurchison brings up, Microsoft is in a lot of markets that you obviously don’t care about or are aware of.
    SQL Server is actually kicking ass.

    Office might be bloatware, but it’s still the standard. They’re might be a million and one competitors, but none of them are making a serious dent right now.

    Their OS might not be the greatest, but dude before you slam them look at everything they do and how successful they are overall. From gaming to accounting software to TV, MS is in it.

    I’m not even sure that the desktop OS makes up 50% of their business anymore.

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