The Sony U- the original UMPC?

A funny thing happened to me late last week that is quite ironic and timely at the same time. I visited a new tech blog,, and noticed they had a contest underway to celebrate the site launch. The first clue for the first prize giveaway had just been posted and it seemed to me that it was pointing to the Sony U that I know so well. Lo and behold, a short time later the site owner contacted me via email and informed me I had won a Sony U71 complete with accessories. Wow! Talk about surprised! The Sony U arrived yesterday and let me tell you, picking it up and powering it on felt like coming home again. I have missed the U for months and the liberating mobility it offers that I haven’t found in any other device.

It is only appropriate that my good fortune happened when it did. Origami and UMPC are all over the web right now and rightly so. I have yelled from the treetops for so long that full computers that fit in your hands can open new horizons for everybody. You have to experience watching a streaming video on the web, capturing a screen from it along with the link to the video, and blogging it from a baseball game to fully appreciate the rich mobility that UMPCs can deliver. There is no substitute for having your full computer with all applications and documents literally at your fingertips. With the official announcement about the Origami/ UMPC expected tomorrow at CeBIT, we are entering a new age of mobile information that will ultimately affect us all, and in our lifetimes. It is a very good time for mobile computing.

The Sony U is the device I consider to be the first real UMPC with its sleek and small form that conceals a full laptop replacement. I find the similarities between the hardware interface of the Sony U and the leaked pictures of the Origami device to be quite interesting. See for yourself:

Sony U71

Origami concept

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