Get your game on 3 monitors with TripleHead2Go

Matrox has just announced the TripleHead2Go palm-sized box that allows a user to add three 19 inch monitors with a combined resolution of 3840×1024 for gaming and other specialized uses.

“Running 3D and animation applications fully accelerated across three screens provides a tremendous productivity benefit for many workstation users”, says Dan Wood, VP Technical Marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc. “For gamers, three screens enables an immersive experience by engaging a players peripheral vision and allowing them to see the gaming environment as if they were looking through an extra wide-angle camera lens; it just makes games more fun.”

The TripleHead2Go is not just for gaming but Matrox is clearly aiming this new device right at hard-core gamers:

Matrox TripleHead2Go enables Surround Gaming™ by expanding supported 3D games across three displays. At launch, TripleHead2Go will have support for more than 150 popular games including id Software’s Quake 4™, UbiSoft’s Brother’s in Arms: Earned in Blood™, Microsoft’s Age of Empires III™, 10tacle studios AG’s GTR™, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight and many more.

No word on pricing yet. Matrox will be demonstrating the TripleHead2Go at CeBIT.

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