Are you feeling a little let down by this morning’s big song and dance at the Infinite Loop down in Cupertino? I know I am! A $599 Mac Mini with Intel, when tricked out to play the role of a media center costs roughly $1000, which […]

Are you feeling a little let down by this morning’s big song and dance at the Infinite Loop down in Cupertino? I know I am! A $599 Mac Mini with Intel, when tricked out to play the role of a media center costs roughly $1000, which makes it simply too expensive for just exclusive “entertainment” purposes. And no, doing email on a giant LCD screen with a bluetooth keyboard is not a good idea.

What else – a $99 leather pouch? (It is as naked an attempt to pad the profit margins if there was any, not that there is anything wrong with it.) For crying out loud, this makes me wonder why is Apple wasting its resources on frivolous stuff and not focusing instead on more basic but more important issues like — getting enough shipments of their Mac Book Pros in the stores? What’s up with that? I fear that Apple is ignoring the pent-up demand for new lighter computers from increasingly mobile workers.

On the iPod HiFi, well I will reserve judgment till I hear it. Nevertheless, it is still a boom-box which reminds me of “break dancing” on the street corners, and Flash Dance. Those were the days when I was actually mega-om.

  1. I have to admit that the mac mini announced is 90% exactly what I was hoping for today.

    Currently, I don’t have cable/satellite etc and find myself watching the vast majority of my video from my Powerbook, which I have to go through the process of plugging into my TV every time I want to watch something, then control the video from my laptop keyboard and touchpad. It’s not a good setup. Also, the sound isn’t the best due to the interference from the harddrive and other internal bits.

    I’ve been putting off replacing the ad-hock setup with a mac mini for a while waiting for them to update it and this was, like I said, 90% of what I wanted. The whole bit with the shared video ram is annoying (very), but not a deal breaker.

    I purchased one already and await it’s arrival to take it’s rightful place as the center of my television and living room sound system set-up.

  2. One more thing (hah!), as you touched on, I don’t think they needed to drag everyone to their offices for such a small announcement.

  3. yeah, still, i think they could have not made such a big song and dance about the whole thing. it is a bit of a let down. me – i wanted a new ibook with intel.

  4. iPod HiFi

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble (as if I could)… But, just why the hell am I supposed to get excited about APPLE coming out with a speaker?
    Nope. Boring!
    But, Gerald… It’s integrated soooo nicely and sounds soooo good!
    So friggin w…

  5. Om, don’t you think it might be assumptive to say that they’re not focusing on fulfillment issues? Apple seems to do the big announcements the first of every quarter…today just seemed like a drug dealer trying to keep their investors hooked until April 1. You know, a waving of the hands, a “look over here while we keep working on innovating and meeting demand” announcement. Their problem is that the pressure to keep the stock price high must be intense…making them think the extra hoopla is necessary.

    Dunno. Just thinkin’.

  6. frankly, weave, the fact is that there is a one month wait for a laptop tells me something is seriously broken.

    i don’t care much about the coolness of the new gadgets – get me shit which i want to pay good money for.

    6 ipod hifis = 1 mac book pro 2 ghz. i think they need to focus on that. the stock price will take care of itself.

  7. Om, one think you’re overlooking is that iPod HiFi’s have a much higher profit margin than laptops. I would guess it costs about $100 to make a HiFi — that $250 margin is probably the same as for a $2,000 notebook.

  8. Steve Jobs says he’s an audiophile! Bollocks. If he was, he’d be listening to vinyl on a tube amp and some decent speakers, not 128kbps MP3s from an overpriced plastic box. I think Apple may be reaching way too far into the consumer electronics space with this one.

  9. The intel Mac Mini was expect…at one point or another, and the hifi was pretty much “uncovered” around saturday.

    I don’t know if I would classify this as “fun stuff”…fun stuff would be a tablet that everyone has rumored they are working on. Now, that is fun stuff.

  10. Actually, the Mac Mini Dual Core Intel is about the same feature wise as the MacBook Pro except for the shared graphics memory and of course no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse (who will really notice the difference between 2 GhZ and 1.6 GhZ?). Otherwise, the guts are the same (frontside bus speed, DDR2 RAM, internal Serial ATA hard drive, etc.). Thus, Om Malik, you pay about $1500 premium for the MacBook Pro (that’s a lot of money for a glass screen, keyboard, extra video RAM / video card and a PC Card slot).

    This Mac Mini a killer for someone who wants to try a Mac for the first time (this is Apple’s target audience), or, ironically, for someone who wants to run server based applications without the cost of an Xserve. Did you know that Apple blesses the Mac Mini to run Mac OS X Server but they do not bless the iBook or Powerbook or MacBook to do the same?


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