Frank wants his 55 minutes back

Frank Gocinski posted of his difficulties getting connected in an airport to reply to some important email.

55 minutes to detect the wireless provider in the airport, connect, authenticate, wait for my antivirus software to update (it hogs the pipe when it’s downloading), open up Outlook, wait for it to connect, instantiate a VPN session, wait for it to connect, authenticate on my server, get access to my box in my office and pull the file down. 55 minutes…

Unfortunately this is a scenario all too familiar to road warriors who need to get a little work done when the free time presents itself. It is one thing I really like about Verizon’s EVDO service. They have streamlined the connect process to just a few seconds which makes it handy for quick connections where the EVDO service exists. I find it much better than trying to tap into some WiFi hotspot, particularly in airports. Frank issued a call to mobile application developers to optimize their apps for this type of situation. Help Frank get his 55 minutes back.

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