Prankster Sends Fake Apple Invites

A prankster today sent fake invitations to an Apple Special Event to a seemingly large number of Mac press. The joker made use of the frequent spammer tactic of spoofing an email address, in this case, that of The messages, entitled “Apple Invitation: Special Event,” contained a very authentic looking jpg, which had information about an invitation only event to be held at the Moscone center in San Francisco on March 1st. Playing on recent rumors of a special edition red iPod to benefit U2 front-man Bono’s new foundation aimed at battling AIDS, the invitation bore the text “Please join Steve and Bono. Together we can fight it!”

A number of Mac news sites, who I will not name out of professional courtesy, took the invitations at face value and posted stories announcing an actual special event. A good deal of these sites, on realizing that they had reported incorrectly, simply removed all traces of their earlier articles in an attempt to save face.

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