Apple have dropped the price on their iPod shuffle and supply a 1GB iPod Nano.

Today Apple adjusted their iPod lineup slightly by dropping the price of the iPod shuffle and making the 1GB iPod Nano available. Aside from the size, the screen and $50 there is no difference between the 1GB Nano and 1GB Shuffle.

I’m pleased they’ve dropped the price on the 1GB shuffle, because it opens up a possibility to me that was just too expensive to consider before now. You see I have a shuffle that I keep in the car with a selection of my favourite tracks on it that I use in addition to the built-in six disc CD changer.

The problem with a 1GB shuffle with no display is that picking the music you want to listen to is more difficult. Let’s say, for example, that I wanted to listen to some Opera rather than the Rap I normally keep on the Shuffle. I could update it, but that’s a comparatively time consuming task, and I’d have to plan ahead when in reality I only choose my music when I finally sit in the car.

But now the Shuffle price has dropped it’s cheap enough to consider buying a second (or more) shuffles onto which I could place a selection of other music. Label up the Shuffles accordingly and keep in them in one of the storage compartments.

Now when I sit in the car I can go ‘Hmm, what shall I listen to?’, pick out a suitable shuffle and plug it into the XtremeMac AirPlay and I’ve got 3-5 hours of interrupted music choice.

Donations for the ‘shuffle jukebox’ fund are welcome :)

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  1. Heck, now that Apple lets you engrave the sides of the Shuffles, you could have them engrave your label!

  2. Great idea MC!

  3. Just buy one 4GB Nano instead of multiple Shuffles. It’s still small, but holds 4 times as much and you have playlists to look at instead of tackily labeled multiple Shuffles.


  4. Hello,

    This is exactly what I was serarching for. Thank you. It’s amazing.

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