How Will You Test the Core Duo’s Performance?

The Core Duo iMacs have been out long enough that everyone’s gotten into the mix and penned their experiences with the speed and performance of the new machines. That’s all well and good, but until we each have out own opportunity to put a Core Duo through its paces, we won’t really be satisfied, will we?

My question, is what test or tests will you use to judge this new breed of Apple hardware. And please spare us the ‘xbench’ and similar responses – I’m looking for real world tests. Things that will demonstrate a real performance boost in your daily computing.

I’ll start it off:
Browsing webpages with Flash in them. I don’t know what it is, but I could be running nothing but Safari, and have a Flash webpage open, and MenuMeters starts reading as if my CPU were getting the defibrillator. Firefox, Camino, doesn’t seem to matter the browser, Flash has its way with my Powerbook. It was like that on my 1ghz G4, and it’s like that on my 1.5ghz G4.

I’d be a happy man if Flash doesn’t own those Core Duo machines.

Ok – now you.

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