Does Netflix Still Dream of Downloads?

Niall sent me links to couple of very interesting job postings on Netflix’s job board. They are here, here and here, and both make me wonder about DVD-by-Mail company’s plans. I get a sneaky feeling that it could be building out a service that can rival Vongo, Movielink and CinemaNow, that can be distributed via set-top devices like TiVo and Akimbo. The company had teamed up with TiVo, and promised to deliver a service by 2005. In October 2005, Netflix postponed its Internet-based download service plans. The Netflix-Tivo deal was possibly on the rocks as well.

So what now? Could it be that the deal is not dead, and download service plans are still in tact? What do you make of these job requirements?

  • Design and development of System, Networking, and Audio/Video software for a Consumer Electronics Product.
  • Developing creative end-user applications.
  • Interfacing with middleware and device driver components within a Linux-based environment.

Or could it be that Netflix is working on hardware. Anyone have any theories on this? Does anyone else think that Akimbo is a good candidate for acqusition, especially for some like Netflix, or Apple (though Steve Jobs doesn’t believe in buying, only in selling!)

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