Convergence towards a single device – not anytime soon Even the raw-component makers are getting excited by the digital media revolution. Imation acquires Memorex for $330 million. Skype Presence for TypePad? That would be nice. Susan Crawford: We need a self-owned internet (II) Is Skype forgetting […]

  1. Jesse Kopelman Monday, January 23, 2006

    Imation may be a major player, but it is hardly “well known” — by consumers at least. Meanwhile, everyone of a certain age remembers “is it live, or is it Memorex?” Funny, but to me this is a bigger deal than SBC buying AT&T (which had been dying a slow death ever since the Bell breakup). Hopefully, Imation will change their name to Memorex.

  2. jesse think of it as our cumulative senior moment. i know these brands and even remember memorex ads and original cassette tapes. how about that… much better than sbc/t deal!

  3. [...] Om Malik’s Daily Cache had a link to a post by Stuart Mudie “Convergence towards a single device – yes, probably, but perhaps not yet.” that set me off on a click trail. My thoughts run opposite Stuart’s though. I just don’t see a converged device as the “end state” of mobile digital devices, however after getting a good look at some of the newest PDA phones with EVDO, Bluetooth and 802.11 I’m beginnig to see that a converged device will be an important step to what I think will be the eventual evolution of personal digital. So while “In Theory” I think diverged devices (I’ll explain later) are where we need to go, I am now seeing that devices like the Treo and UTStarcom 6700 are a necessary step along the way to mobile digital bliss. [...]


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