Sudoku coming to a Tablet PC near you

Peter Wright is a sneaky guy. Buried deep in a post on his blog is a link to a secret project that should go beta in a couple of weeks. Inkudoku is a Tablet PC version of the game Sudoku that is sweeping the world by storm. I even saw a “Sudoku for Dummies” book in a Border’s book store recently. The Tablet PC is the perfect platform for a paper and ink game like this and I for one can’t wait to see Peter release this. From the Inkudoku web site:


  1. Ink enabled for Tablet PC
  2. Includes the Loops and Bridges number games
  3. Symmetrical patterns
  4. Puzzles are seeded with cryptographic random number generator
  5. Make notes anywhere on the puzzle, just as you would on paper
  6. Inkudoku can quickly give you quickly hints at where you went wrong
  7. Elegant, minimalist user interface

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