New Tools GigaLinks and User Feedback

Dear Readers,

We are in a new year, so its time for something new. For starters, I am introducing a new mobile RSS reader which lets you get GigaOM on your mobile phone, along with feeds from some of my recommended blogs. In other words, a tiny GigaOm branded mobile application. GigaOM moblet was created by mFoundry’s mWorks platform. You can go here and do the needful. GigaOm Moblet.

In case you missed it, I have also added a new Rollyo search tool, that allows you to search for things of similar interest from blogs I read. All the blogs have been collected and aggregated based on the topic categories in GigaOm. In other words, its a micro search. You can find it in the lower right hand corner of the site. I hope you get to use it and send me your feedback. You can also add my Rollyo search to your Firefox browser. This is an easy way to find information on topics of interest from some of the best writers in the world, and thankfully you won’t have to read my rantings.

Lastly, I need some serious user feedback. Fazal Majid had made a nice little filter and showed me how he read GigaOM. Based on the data he sent me, i spent a lot of time analyzing my traffic, and discovered two distinct set of users. People who came in for long posts, and those who liked quick hits, aka Gigalinks.

My question to you is: should I turn Gigalinks into a separate side blog, and offer it as a separate RSS feed? Or should I let things continue as they are? I am trying to make sure that I don’t overwhelm the readers. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Last but not the least big shout out to KB Cafe and voters who named GigaOm best Internet Communications Blog. Trust me on this – SkypeJournal and Jeff Pulver are much better than I am.

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