(D)Amp’d Is Live


Despite all its dysfunctional inner workings, and some crazy and offensive ads, the 3G MVNO, Amp’d Mobile is in business, hours after the company announced it is getting a major chunk of change from MTV. (MTV’s chief digital officer Jason Hirschorn has joined Amp’d’s board of directions.) The mobile virtual network, the most hyped to boot, is using the Verizon Wireless network and is available in most major metros. It will be featuring content, from who else but the MTV’s parent, Viacom. A survey conducted by content platform provider Motricity shows that nearly 62% respondents believe that “global consumer brands will dominate the MVNO market.” That is names like Disney, ESPN and Virgin. Clearly, Amp’d Mobile has its work cut out, as it also competes with a much better funded, Helio.



I think you adds are very lewd and the company on a hold should think of other ways to advertise this product.

Om Malik on Broadband : » 2006, year of the 3G?

[…] If the cellphone handset line-up from the likes of Nokia, Samsung and LG is any indication, Matt Maier predicts a frenzy of activity around 3G Wireless in 2006, and a lot of these toys could be on display at the CES. In his latest Wireless Report, he writes, LG, Motorola, and Nokia all plan to introduce 3G phones in 2006 that should cost around $150, making them affordable for the mass market. Features include 1-megapixel cameras, several megabytes of internal memory, and high-speed wireless Internet access. In recent months, Sprint, Verizon and Cingular have rolled out their high-speed wireless networks, and even the laggard, T-Mobile plans to get on board by 2007. The two 3G MVNOs, Helio and Amp’d are likely to add to the 3G fun as well. […]


Wow… Om… I hope you’ve got stock in this company because you’ve been promoting it like crazy.
I (a faithful reader) was ready to drop my t-mobile service tomorrow … then I saw those amp’d plan prices.
Oh well. At least their phones look Cool.

Maybe I just don’t like cell phone companies “creating” a new featured service: “No Overages on mobile-to-mobile”
That sounds too much like Mobile-To-Mobile, and it sounds too much like the old bait & switch.

“No sir… we didn’t say Unlimited. We said Umm…Limtedâ€?

I’m seeing another trend for new MVNO and it’s more towards cheap international calls. That may hopefully mean they’ll be all racing to the bottom to compete with VOIP (at least with long distance rates)

Cool phones though!


I may be splitting hairs but it’s not getting content from Viacom. Although Viacom owns MTV Networks, a lot of the content within the announcement discusses assets that MTV Networks (the entity) have control of. Viacom’s other properties may not fit in Amp’d target audience (18-35’ers). The MTV stuff definitely does.

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