Cutting The Cord With WiFi

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a very unwired lifestyle. Barring the power adapter for my Powerbook and the headphones (and sync cable) for my iPod, most of the devices I use, have no wires. I guess that puts me at the cutting edge of the wireless lifestyles, and part of a growing majority of Americans who are getting rid of the damn cables.

A new Wi-Fi Alliance survey shows that 70 percent of current and prospective Wi-Fi users report they are more likely to take their notebook computers when traveling on vacation thanks to the widespread availability of wireless networking hotspots in airports, hotels, parks, and restaurants. And that is despite poor-to-average WiFi experience. Bigger question: why the hell would you take a laptop on vacation? I mean its a vacation for go sake, not that I would know anything about it.

Also according to the survey, 74 percent of Wi-Fi say they can now work from places other that home office or office. Like local Starbucks? Or Coupa Cafe? Funniest part of the survey: 46% say that Wi-Fi allows them to dedicate more time to marriage or personal relationships. We work too much …. don’t we?

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