When I mentioned my troubles with Apple’s Mighty Mouse it seems I wasn’t the only one. A quick post by Bill Bradford shows that repair is possible. Get all the news you need about Apple with the Gigaom newsletter Sign Up You’re subscribed! If you like, […]

When I mentioned my troubles with Apple’s Mighty Mouse it seems I wasn’t the only one.

A quick post by Bill Bradford shows that repair is possible.

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  1. Yup it is possible. See my pix here –

    http://shirster.multiply.com/journal/item/194 ;)

  2. The Apple Blog » Logitech MX1000 Tuesday, December 6, 2005

    [...] rollwheel of some sort, and atleast 3-4 buttons. I wasn’t about to touch the problem infested Might Mouse which is lame anyways because it’s not wireless. So ultima [...]

  3. Brendan McKenna Thursday, November 2, 2006

    I’ve had the problems with my two mighty mouse and solved them, others with the problem of non responsive scroll ball and seeking Mighty Mouse Repair should have a look at my Mighty Mouse Repair site. From €20 we can repair Apple Mice and Keyboards. I hope this is a help to all the Mighty Mouse Fans who’ve gotten problems with their scroll balls.

  4. If you want to clean the ball on your MMouse, I’ve managed to do it internally with no damage, the mouse looks and functions as new…

    See: http://www.linklink.co.uk/apple-computers/cleaning-inside-and-dismantling-the-apple-mighty-mouse/

  5. Roxanne Farfan Monday, January 29, 2007

    i have problem with my mighty mouse, i think sonething is wrong with the scroll ball because i can’t scoll down at all

  6. David Ditzler Thursday, April 12, 2007

    I had the same problem with my mouse. The scroll ball was not working well. I tried compressed air and some other techniques but they didn’t last. Today I opened it and make a movie on how to repair it.

    Repair Apple Mighty Mouse how to video:

  7. Mads Andreasen Thursday, May 3, 2007

    This hint doesn’t concern the scroll ball – though to those of you that have trouble scrolling it’s probably because dirt have gathered inside your mouse – happens to most users at some point – the trick is to hold your mouse upside down and press the scroll ball while you scroll it in every direction – give it a good scroll around for about 10 seconds and you should be able to scroll afterwards – it’s the only easy way to clean it..

    Now to those of you that accidently dropped your wireless mighty mouse on the floor and ended up with a non working mouse like i did – if you don’t have the money to go out and buy a new one since they’re quite expensive like every apple product, here’s what to do in most cases – remove the cover – you’ll notice that there’s a little “button” right above the batteries which has been knocked loose – that is why you lose signal all the time – get a soft/bendable guitar pick and jam it in there making sure the “button” is pressed down and put the cover back on – the cover should make sure the pick stays in there and now you’ll have your bluetooth signal back and your mouse should be as good as new – worked for me anyways – hope it’ll be of help to others in the same situation!

    1. You are a genius! This worked perfectly! My only comment would be that the “button” doesn’t look like a button…it is more of a square latch thing. I used an old exacto blade, not having a guitar pick around. Same effect! I can turn the darn thing on and off like the original. Wish I had drilled down to this post before I gave up and bought a wired mouse out of irritation with the whole issue.

  8. Jim Hollopeter Friday, July 6, 2007

    I just disassembled the MM to clean it. I used a utility knife blade to gently pry the ring off. Once the ring is off, you need a very small phillips head screw driver to unscrew the mouse housing. Once this is off you can gently pry the ball housing apart. CAUTION- the rollers are very small-tweezers required. Once the case was apart, I cleaned the ball and four rollers. There was an incredible amount of stuff on them. Be careful when reassembling the rollers into the housing. They all have to be pointing in the same direction around the ball as you replaced them (four). Place the ball in the middle. Snap the white housing back on-the long tab points to the cable. Screw the assembly back in place and slip the guts back under the top. I used an all purpose glue, not Super Glue, to secure the ring back on. That way I can disassemble the mouse for its next cleaning. I now have a fully function mouse wheel again.

  9. Mads ….

    I dropped my wireless MM and the switch stopped working too. I opened it up and the main circuit board had popped up enough so the switch wasn’t being actuated by the button you refer to. I snapped it back down and all is good.

    1. Wilbur Goltermann Jr John Bushey Tuesday, February 2, 2010

      Works like a charm. The only tricky part is to pry the escutcheon from the bottom without breaking it. Thanks!

  10. I just watched Brendan McKenna’s video on how to fix the Mighty White Mouse. It was neat. I followed the instructions and my mouse is know working again. Thanks Brendan.

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