Google redressed Urchin web analytics software and released it as Google Analytics. It seems to be quite a hit, that the company had to close the applications for the service. I tried signing up for it this morning and found that I was too late to […]

Google redressed Urchin web analytics software and released it as Google Analytics. It seems to be quite a hit, that the company had to close the applications for the service. I tried signing up for it this morning and found that I was too late to the party. I wonder why does Google release products out in the wild and not be prepared for the worst case scenario. (Like the service could actually become a hit?)

Of course there is the more darker explanation – Urchin even when used for a single website was such a beast and siphoned off so many resources, that most of the users (like myself) simply relegated it to once a day update in the early hours of the morning. Is Google suddenly finding out that Urchin doesn’t scale when being used by thousands of users. Frankly, I think Adaptive Path’s Measure Map is a far superior analytical tool, even in its current alpha form. Despite its niggly bits, Measure Map is a tool designed from the ground-up for bloggers and allows them a chance to look at comments, incoming links, users and page views etc in a way that it is actually “human” understandable.

Others like MINT, on which I spent $30 was such a piece of sh*t disappointment, because it just did not work. Support… what is that. Buyer Beware on that one. Anyway… enough of early morning, pre-coffee rantings! (Check out Mark Boulton’s comparison of the three services, and he likes Mint.)

Update: Having slept over it, decided that sh*t was too strong a word.

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  1. You think Measure Map is far superior…in comparison to what? Never mind that you still havent get the chance to try out Google Analytic (being an ex Urchin user doesnt count). ^_^

    I’m sure MM will be great when it comes out. But I wont put it as a comparative statement cuz I’ve never used it before.

    Mint is a piece of s***? I think its ok. I would look more into the contributions Mint (or S.Inman) has brought to the web community. Before Mint, no one even cares to ‘beautify’ their stat report.

    Just my 2 cents. And i think its great now that we have three top stats engine to choose from. It’s a good problem. Still remember the days when we have to decide between using awstats or webalizer? Ew.

  2. you are right. i am comparing it with my previous urchin experience. and other stat packages that have been so far standard on the web servers

  3. Oh man, dissin’ the Mint??? That is interesting to hear you didn’t have a good experience with it. Haven’t heard many reports of that. To me, it’s by far the best stats program out there for people who just want a nice easy, attractive window into their recent site activity.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what did you find to be the problem with it? It just didn’t install correctly?

  4. mike, it was so difficult. after installing it would just not work. we could not even log into the damn thing. my sysadmin who is a genius and i had many frustrating days trying to get it to work. despite repeated emails, we go one email back from the developer. believe me we did everything we needed to do with the install. nothing…. just simply nothing.

  5. I like Google Analytics, but I am waiting for Measure Map because the reviews are really great.

  6. That’s interesting, I was assigned the Google Analytics id “UA-96102-1″, which made me wonder – “are there just 3898 slots left?” And I’m the early adopter of all early adopters of all things Google.

    I think the software in good but could use more features and less weird marketing stuff, especially for casual webmasters and bloggers like myself.

  7. Roger Johansson Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Good. Maybe now they will have time to process the stats for those of us who did manage to sign up. Still waiting for Tuesday’s stats to show up…

  8. Well, MeasureMap provides real URLs where users came from.

    Google Analytics defaults to the server name, which is completely unusable.

  9. So far I’m liking Measure Map, though I haven’t quite got the post and comment stats to work with Textpattern yet. Other than that it is pretty good and I think it’s just what I need.

    Haven’t tried Mint yet but from what I have heard it’s pretty good.

    Google Analytics, looks nice but I found it to be a bit more tailored to businesses and at first glance it was a little confusing.

    But each has their strengths and weaknesses and it all boils down to what you need.

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