Push To Cash

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Bill Burnham has been saying that the wireless email market is over funded. I wonder how he would react to Nokia’s decision to buy Intellisync for $430 million. Nokia folks had popped in to Business 2.0 offices a few months ago, showing off their wireless email solution. One word: yikes! I choose not to spend anytime and energy on it, but this purchase kinda confirmed that they needed some outside help. This is clearly a good buy – especially for the unified messaging client built by what was formerly known as PDApps. (Sweet App!) I wonder what this means for those Nokia-Blackberry rumors and Nokia’s desire to work with everyone else including its arch nemesis from Redmond. I wonder how folks from Good, and other wireless email companies are feeling about this deal. Can’t be too thrilled… I bet.

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Mobile User Interfaces

Which of the above mobile user interfaces looks like it would be hard to use? Om Malik and Bill Burnham have both posted about Nokia’s acquisition of Intellisync, so I won’t go over the business reasons doing the deal. I…

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