End of Those Vonage-BellSouth Rumors?


The rumors of BellSouth buying Vonage for some insane amount of money have been doing the rounds for a long time. A news announcement from the company however should be enough to put those rumors to rest. BellSouth announced that it is working with Lucent and will build out a VoIP network in its 9-state territory. In the press release, BellSouth CTO Bill Smith was quite explicit about company’s VoIP plans and added, “BellSouth’s new consumer VoIP capability is a critical component leading to a comprehensive experience that integrates voice, data and video in a way that best meets the needs of the individual customer.” Given this development, I wonder what are the “buyer” options for Vonage?


Om Malik on Broadband : » BellSouth’s VoIP Play, With Help from Packet 8

[…] Maybe this will put those baseless rumors of BellSouth buying Vonage to rest. The Atlanta-based bell operating company has teamed up with 8×8 Inc and will use Packet8 as a “private label provider” for its BellSouth Digital Phone service. Andy had alluded to this deal earlier. Expectedly, 8×8 stock is up 21.65% for the day. As part of the deal, BellSouth will market the service to its Fast Access broadband customers. I am not sure, what is the long term status of this service, since BellSouth is working with Lucent Technologies and developing its own VoIP offering, that also proposes to link-up BellSouth-and-Cingular in a more meaningful way. […]

chaka khan


>> How about some enthusiasm. Citron set the way,
>> the bankers involved are smarter than you and me.
>> Citron is smarter than you and me.

Yepper Scott, that makes you fucking stupid.

Citron should have sold a long-time ago. Dummy.


scott antonio


Citron deserves more credit then you give. Vonage will be at or near 1.5 million customers at the curent sign up rate by the end of the year.

Who gives a hot what the RBOCs and cable guys do, same companies, same overhead, same message.

Oh by the way what do they message, “we’ve been ripping you off for all these years and now that competition is here adn we can offload our old systems to something better and cost effective we;ll charge you less”

How about a rebate from those yaahhoos!!!!!!

How about some enthusiasm. Citron set the way, the bankers involved are smarter than you and me. Citron is smarter than you and me.

Vonage will be a winner in the public markets or from an M&A arena.

Let the egos go away!!!!!!

Andy Abramson

More people I talk to in the VoIP industry, the less value Vonage seems to be offering in the way of a ‘buy’.

One thought that keeps ringing in my head is what has Vonage done new since they introduced service? Everyone I ask says “basically nothing.”

That means there has been really very little R&D done there. Only marketing.

Vonage, offers nothing different and the cable guys are eating their lunch.

Jesse Kopelman

I’ll say it again: If any RBOC buys Vonage it’s going to be QWest. They are the only ones who need the buzz more than they need the money it will cost, especially after showing their desperation in the pursuit of MCI.

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