This Week in VoIP… Podcast

A lot of news in the VoIP world, and well trying to stay on top of it has been tough. So I teamed up with Niall Kennedy, fired-up our faithful Gizmo Project soft phones, and Plantronics bluetooth headsets, and recorded a podcast that covers most of the recent news including…

* Skype versus Gizmo Project. Its like IE versus Firefox.
* What needs to be done to make VoIP more mainstream, and some thoughts on the Internet Voice Campaign,part of The VON Coalition. Founding members of the Internet Voice Campaign include EarthLink, Google,, Skype, Sonus Networks and USA Datanet.
* Microsoft’s VoIP efforts (Read related post!)
* Big lay-offs at Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile’s parent in Germany, and how Sonus won business from them.

What I did miss talking about was the news in today’s Wall Street Journal about Vonage seeking and IPO and/or sale to someone. In other words, same story, different day, and definitely no new details. “I think it’s not the most appealing business model in the world. It’s a business with limited barriers to entry and falling prices,”” Rob Bartolo, co-manager of the T. Rowe Price Media and Telecommunications Fund told the daily.

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