Microsoft Virtual WiFi, Not So Safe?

Yesterday, I marveled at Microsoft’s Virtual WiFi technology, and how it could possibly unclog some of the choke-points in our home networks. But the same technology could open up many holes in corporate WLANs, according to Pejman Roshan, who left a comment on the previous post. Roshan, who has literally written a book about enterprise wireless LANs warns that people should take a shine to this new WiFi technology with caution.

Am I the only person asking why this is useful? I can only see this as a way for an insider to connect one vWiFi connection to the corporate network and another virtual ad hoc to the Starbucks, or worse some unsanctioned, unprotected network, and WinXP bridges the two together!

Instead he suggests, corporations consumers could be better off with Indoor Mesh. Microsoft offers an Indoor Mesh add on to WinXP. Since I am no expert on wireless security, I guess I would defer to Roshan on this one. I am pretty sure Glenn would have something to add.

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