The new iMac doesn’t have a modem port. But a USB modem can be had from Apple for $49.

iMac Ports

I’m definitely not a big fan of dial-up Internet, in our ever-evolving Broadband and WiFi age. But in a pinch, it’s saved me a couple of times while traveling (obviously not with an iMac) or through a painful broadband service transition at home.

A modem is also good for sending faxes directly from your computer. OS X has for quite some time had this ability pervasively integrated into the Print… menu. In Tiger: File –> Print … –> PDF –> Fax PDF …

With today’s new iMacs, Apple appears to be removing the modem as a standard feature. Instead, the “Built-to-Order” options on the new iMac’s technical specification show that a USB Modem may be purchased separately. The bottom of the main iMac page states it is priced at $49.

On a brighter side, both new iMac configurations come with WiFi-G and Bluetooth built-in. The $199 Airport Extreme base station has always had a modem port which you can configure with any ISP, for primary or near seamless back-up connectivity.

Through buying the USB Modem or using an Airport base station, iMac modem users of tomorrow still have options available to them. But Apple is further nudging us toward Broadband. After all, they’ve got ABC shows to sell us :)

By Chris Holland

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  1. anyone who can and does buy and iMac G5 isn’t going to have dial-up, haven’t they alreayd gotten rid of it for the powermacs? i’m glad they got rid of it, i don’t wanna pay extra for something I, and very few others, will never use

  2. The only reason I’d mourn the modem would be that it’s a shame not to be able to send faxes – ah well, maybe Apple could add sending and receiving faxes via .Mac – that would be rather cool and just the sort of thing i’d like to be able to do.

    On that front, perhaps Apple could go all out and integrate a telephone interface ala Skype to iChat so that my mac could be come my answer machine too

  3. What is wrong with investors these days? Does anyone have any idea what has to happen to Apple revenues to justify the existing stock price? The answer is they have to double. The stock is overvalued right now and still going up.

  4. That kind of sucks, Imean, almost allpeople who have a computer use dial-up(or so i assume)So, it’s other crap that apple takes offs….Even if ilove macintosh…they are very ambicious and put everything expensive, and thats wrong..

  5. I wish they had left the modem in. I still have dial-up because they don’t have DSL in my area, and I don’t want a cable connection. I have a Winblows-based machine right now, and want to replace it with a Mac, but need a modem, so I probably won’t buy it.

  6. No Modems or rather problems with them is what killed linux.
    Will kill off a lot of imac sales as well as people i hear talking
    about imac not having modem [don't] realise u can get one.

    For all you rich hotchits most of us still use dialup. Don’t let surveys fool u.

    I know a lot of people who rely mainly on dialup cause dsl, adsl, cable and wireless is not even close to reliable in their area so they keep trying “highazz speed” but end up using dialup a lot of [most?] the time. The whole thing is just not what it’s craped up to be.

  7. I currently have a PC but will be buying a 24’ Mac. My hard drive is a ST340083 2AS SCSI Disk Device. Can anyone help. When i get delivery of my mac how do i move all my old files from my PC over to my new mac??
    Been told i can’t transfer


  8. the only reason u need to buy a mac. watch “the mac”.

  9. http://www.settysmooth.com. watch “the mac”

  10. Yeah, on the one hand it is a shame. I live in the woods and there are very few high-speed options which most people do not want to spend the $ for. This leaves dial-up. On the other hand, it will hopefully be like the floppy which is just old technology. Unfortunately we are still in the midst of it so Apple is a little ahead of the game (as always). A friend asked me to set up her new iMac and it was then that I realized that she needs to purchase yet another piece of equipment in order to get online.
    Macs rule, but it’s stuff like this which gives Apple a reputation of being spendy as well as monopolizing.


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