Tracy Hooten is a lot more patient than I am, I think.  She’s been waiting for a month for Toshiba to repair her M200 Tablet PC and isn’t getting anywhere with them.  She’s blogged about how it took her days to get the fact she bought […]

Tracy Hooten is a lot more patient than I am, I think.  She’s been waiting for a month for Toshiba to repair her M200 Tablet PC and isn’t getting anywhere with them.  She’s blogged about how it took her days to get the fact she bought the “super duper no questions asked” warranty acknowledged by Toshiba so she could send it to them for repair.  She’s blogged about how she’s waited for 24 days now for the actual repair to get completed so she can get her Tablet PC returned.  She’s blogged about the fact the status of her repair keeps changing on the Toshiba status site.  Through all of this Tracy has been cool, calm and collected.  Me, I would be screaming from the top of the Toshiba headquarters.

Let’s help Tracy get her Tablet back.  Anyone with a Toshiba horror story about repair or customer service difficulties please chime in here with a comment.  Let’s see if a string of unsatisfied customers can get Toshiba’s attention about Tracy’s plight.  It’s worth a shot as she has nothing to lose since she is already without her precious.

  1. Thanks, James ^_^. Any help here is always a good thing. I have an update on the situation on my site, but not much has changed (except the fix date was moved back again).

  2. I just read Tracy’s story on her blog and I can’t believe Toshiba’s inadequacy. What’s worse: I own a Toshiba. I bought it thinking that this was a company I could trust–I thought it was a leader in notebooks and service . . . it looks like that reputation has gone down the tubes.

  3. James, I sent Tracy some contacts at Toshiba – execs that contacted me after my first YABTHU post. Hopefully, they will help her.

    Still, it’s pathetic to see this level of support. I purchased the on-site repair in addition to all of the other warranties. I’ve been hesitant to get the specs of dust removed from my screen – not sure if the onsite support is as challenging as the mail-in support. Either way, it speaks poorly for Toshiba, and it will influence my decisions to recommend their products to my corporate customers.


  4. There are a couple things that steer me away from Toshiba as a device to provide to Medical students. One is the issue of service and parts availability as evidenced here, the other is the huge amounts of garbage included on a base install. It’s on the restore discs that they do not provide as well.

    I have had nothing but good experiences with HP service and support thus far in comparison.

  5. First I would check the warranty and see if I had missed anything about how long they have to fix the silly thing when I bought the warranty.

    If they were over the limit (if there is one) in the warranty I’d call the BBB and the State’s Attorney General and ask them to investigate an apparently fraudulent warranty. BBB and AG’s love to go after folks that sell warranties and then “disappear” when they actually have to do something instead of count the money.

  6. Somewhat related: I bought a new laptop battery from Toshiba recently. Although they claimed it was in stock, it took more than a week to ship from their warehouse. Moreover, I called them on a Thursday to find out the status, and they claimed, despite their website’s status report, that it had shipped two days earlier. However, it did not in fact ship until the day that I called.

    Total time from ordering to receiving a supposedly in-stock item: 12 days. Shipping took four of them.

  7. Toshiba has the WORST customer service. my laptop has been broken since the day I took it out of the box; it is constantly in the repair shop, the warrantee is running out and “it is not toshiba’s policy to replace or refrubish a laptop”. I am floored. So because I trusted toshiba and was a sucker to buy one of there expensive products it is now my problem and there isn’t any recourse. I will never buy another product from them again!

  8. I am currently embroiled in a customer service dispute regarding a laptop i bought from toshiba. Toshiba was fully aware of these issues at the time i bought this laptop and i am stunned as to how this shoddy company is still allowed to operate in the USA…I have checked the internet and the issues i am having with my laptop are common and the number one complaint of every one who owns a laptop of this particular model…I was really tempted to sell this piece of crap to some one on ebay and saddle them with this problem..But i have chosen not to..Toshiba will one way or another replace my laptop or give me back the equivalent value of this piece of manure laptop that they sold me!!!! It is now out of warranty and these scum want me to drive almost 400 miles to have my laptop repaired!!! And after that, if those repairs fail, i am on my own!!!! No one can sell you some worthless piece of plastic full well knowing the defects it has and then tell you to go to hell because you dont have a warranty!!!!

    I will do whatever it takes and will stretch the law as far as it can be bent to ensure that Toshiba gives me what is mine!!!!

  9. You guys think you have it bad. Toshiba lost my laptop two months ago! They literally lost it and all they tell me is: “Sorry there is nothing we can do!”
    I told them, that’s just not gonna cut it. I really haven’t gotten too far with it though. It seems as thought Toshiba’s support people are trained to beat you down and pee on you, rather than try and help you out.


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