Update: here is the confirmation. Existing NetNewsWire full-version customers will receive a free 2-year paid subscription to NewsGator Online. Yup, good enough reason to switch to NewsGator from Bloglines. “Synchronization is set to be the killer feature of the next generation of feed reading software,” said […] Read more »

This should be a big boost to the ITV industry…omcast is slated to begin a groundbreaking pilot launch of ITV services from several cable… Read more »

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The comments and trackback are fully open now…this is the fourth time we’ve opened them up again. Multiple comment attacks forced us to cl… Read more »

After 3.5 years, $8.4 million and the creation of a technical spec the six big studios hope will drive future growth of the film bizbiz, Dig… Read more »

Here’s an interesting part of an article…it concerns a mobile community project called Jamango produced by Russian company i-Free, using S… Read more »

Apparently women also know how to use mobiles…but only if they’re “tech-savvy”. The strange part about claims like these (that women are s… Read more »

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Google and Sun plans to announce a “collaborative effort” in Silicon Valley, reports Reuters. Sun issued a media advisory on Monday saying t… Read more »

Had it not been for Sprint’s decision to sign-up with Qualcomm when it was getting started on Sprint PCS, Qualcomm would not be the behemoth that it is today. Think of it as a decision that rivals IBM’s decision to go with Intel processors instead of […] Read more »

Update: Yahoo is getting pretty serious about this whole content thing. First they hire Kevin Sites, then they go ahead and hire a bunch of financial columnists. And now they are looking to add some more depth to their editorial team. They just posted two listings […] Read more »

Yes, sit up now…ManiaTV, the Denver, CO-based online TV network aimed at the hyper-tasking young generation, has received $12 million in a… Read more »

I was on the Marketplace radio show this morning on NPR, talking about, what else, the CTIA show last week, and the buzz there. If you care… Read more »

The city of Philadelphia is on the verge of deciding who get to build and run its WiFi project. While, Google WiFi has occupied the headlines today, I am watching this one closely. It could become the harbinger of things to come, and how cities decide […] Read more »

South Korea’s struggling portal Korea.com is for sale, after being in bankruptcy protection since 2003…the portal was once a unit of the n… Read more »

This should be interesting: BASCAP, (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy) – a global group formed by the International Chamber… Read more »

This should be very interesting if it happens, and might be the death knell for the DMB mobile TV format: KTF, Korea’s second-largest wirele… Read more »

London-based mobile gaming publisher Player X has received $7 million in a first round of venture funding. The investors include venture cap… Read more »

Avatars are becoming big business online, and I think they’re likely to recreate that success in the mobile world as consumers begin to pers… Read more »

The Internets are buzzing about this free email service 30Gigs.com, that plans to give people 30 gigabytes of email storage, aka 15 times what Google offers with its Gmail service. The new service shows how commoditized the hardware, especially storage has become. Still, as may grandfather […] Read more »

“The draft telecomns reform bill released by the House Commerce Committee last week would ban fixed or wireless carriers from limiting acces… Read more »

The National Enquirer has signed up FoneStarz to sell some mobile content…”The exclusive deal will initially allow any of the estimated 12… Read more »

Check out gFeedMap. It displays the location of blogs, along with a brief description of them, on a Google map. Pretty nice, but slow and needs to work on getting more blogs. Read more »

Dave Taylor, is considering switching to VoIP, but is confused by the plethora of devices, complex implementations and what not. He needs some help. Andy and Aswath, you guys have suggestions? Dave, I think what you need is an hosted phone service (that has companion softphone) […] Read more »

– Save The Date: ContentNext Mixer in Washington DC, Nov 3, 2005
— In NYC This Week For “We Media”
— New: Q3 2005 Mobile Content Deals Br… Read more »

Yep, we’re in it…new digital media funds. Spark Capital is a new Cambridge, MA-based firm being launched today, with a $260 million fund.… Read more »

At CTIA I asked almost everyone I met involved in mobile TV how many subscribers were required for the system to be successful, or profitabl… Read more »

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