Taking Rest of The Day Off


I am taking rest of the day today and tomorrow off…. writing for the magazine and also plan to have a lot of drinks this evening… starting my 365 day countdown to 40…..

Update: Thank you all for kind and warm wishes. Russell sent me a Zero-Cal Cake, while Julia got me a 1000-Cal Cake. Appreciate it. And Technorati, sent me a birthday gift – for a day I was in the Technorati 100 Blogs list. #99 actually! Laziness got me kicked out! Oh my head hurts… my wish … if only I could get the same amount of bandwidth as the # of years I have spent on the planet…. i would be happy!


Jim Parsons

The best 5 years of my life where when I was 39 :-)
Happy Birthday Om!… and many happy returns!

Jackson Miller

Interconnected Events

Earlier today Om Malik announced that he was going to take the rest of the day off. Finally I would be able to rest assured that I was not going to have to read any not-yet-announced technical news; he has been scooping just about everyone on what seems

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