Skype 1.4 for Windows Released

Folks Skype 1.4 for Windows is available for download, and among the new features include much improved call forwarding to your land/mobile numbers. Think of it as a way to boost Skype’s SkypeOut sales. There are many more personalization options, including ability to add ringtones and pictures. (My suspicion – with this we are getting closer to making Skype into bloatware!)

Anyway buried in the press release, this bit caught my attention….

According to the independent study, Skype is used once or several times a day by 76% of its callers, far surpassing the usage levels of traditional IM-based voice calling services. Skype callers are more international, with 85% communicating with people living abroad. Skype’s broad base of early adopters are eager to embrace new features, with 79% interested or very interested in receiving calls from landlines, and 73% interested or very interested in adopting call forwarding, key innovations unique to Skype.

Early adopters…. hmmm! And who carried this independent study?


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