Motion LS800 review

MikeWo’s Musings has the cool 8.4” Motion LS800 Tablet PC and has written a detailed review of the little Tablet.  His review is very objective and he takes care to indicate both what he likes and dislikes about the LS800 and anyone interested in this device should not miss the review.  He covers essential information about the use of the LS800 including using Bluetooth peripherals.  He points out something about the smaller form factor that had not occurred to me– finding a good case to carry the LS800 is almost impossible due to it’s non-standard size.  From the review:

So, there you go.  Overall I would recommend the LS800 as a great device for people who want a small form factor to their tablets.  If you are looking at tablets for the first time, you may want to be sure that you’ll like the form factor if you are using this as your primary device.  If you are looking to upgrade your current tablet to something new, then you’ll probably know if you would like a smaller tablet or not. 

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