My Tablet PC is much faster today

My Tablet PC (HP tc1100) has been running slower and slower of late. You know, the typical windows XP creeping crud that makes the PC take longer and longer to do anything. This happens often on my computers because I am continually installing software for evaluation. I regularly remove software once I’m done with the evaluation so yesterday since my PC was getting really sluggish I went through my routine of removing all unused software.  The first thing that happened after I rebooted post-removal was that several programs I use all the time would no longer run since one of the program removals had deleted a system DLL.  A quick Google search found the DLL and I downloaded it, popped it into the Windows folder and all was well.

What surprised me after the final reboot was how fast the Tablet is now. The speed is comparable to that seen with a total system rebuild. Most of the programs I removed were not resource intensive except apparently one. I installed the new beta of Google Desktop Search a few days ago and had turned off the MSN Desktop Search Toolbar so they wouldn’t clash. I have been very impressed with the GDS so I removed the MSN Search last in my sequence.  What a difference!  What this proves is you don’t necessarily need to do a full system rebuild, something that is a pain on any PC but especially on a Tablet PC. Try removing all programs and utilities you don’t use very much and see what happens.

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