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Lots of talk about Google introducing an instant messaging client, using the Jabber technology. I think this will be a voice enabled IM product, which will be released in order to match the “talk” features of Yahoo and MSN. Google Rumors reports that the domain has become active, and sends you to which shows a 404 message. There is already news that Google is running a Jabber server. Jabber already has a deal with AOL, and from the looks of it, is fast becoming a platform of choice for voice-over-IM.

> The Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP), known for its’ highly programmable presence and messaging framework and unique capability to bridge applications, networks, devices, multi-media, and protocols, is extending even farther.

Jabber’s deal with AOL is all about offering “federated IM” service that can also connect to ICQ and Apple’s iChat. And now Google. And this is the worst possible news for someone like Skype, because now they will up against not two but three giants who want to offer a pale-version of Skype.



Het zier ernaar uit dat Google dus echt met jabber ‘aan de wandel gaat’. Ditzou wel eens de grootste gebeurtenis kunnen blijken in IM-land.
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WOW! so, it’s true! there have been various rumblings around the web, but I ju…

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Google Talk Make Way for the New Internet messenger (IM) on the block

After all that hype on google rumors/ and Om Malik i kinda expected it its coming Here comes Google Talk available here as a 900K free download. so far for whatever I have explored Here my Review about google…


Damn cool, we’ve installed it this morning and its fantastic. Them google boys simply just get it….MS, move over, your time is done…

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VoIP “access” still requires a PC, IP phone, analog phone with an analog phone adapter as well as some form of broadband internet access. The benefits of VoIP comes from potential unmetered voice usage. However, the VoIP service providers still need to have gateways into the traditional telephone network. There’s no free lunch. VoIP because it’s driven by software, the software can even allow users to perform their own changes to their service unlike calling their traditional telephone provider to add voice mail or callerID.
The user ends up controlling their service and the potential is apps yet uninvented.

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O papo é o Google Talk e o WebOS

O pessoal não para de falar sobre a nova ferramente de comunicação que o Google pretende lançar esta semana, o Google Talk. O Bruno manda bem e concordo com a opinião dele que as possibilidades são imensas, já que o…

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[…] preparing a voice instant messaging application rather than considering a Skype purchase. Om Malik’s Broadband Blog » Here comes Google Voice

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Thanks Microsoft

Each day comes with the announcement of an exciting new product due to the war like competition between Yahoo! and Google. It was only few days back that I deleted Google Desktop and installed Yahoo! Desktop Search. But today, Google…

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Google IM Next…..

Google is set to introduce its own instant messaging system, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday,…using…

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Google Voice

After all the talk about Google VoIP, all the theories about what Google’s purchase of tons of dark fiber means, all my prognostications on Google VoIP, it finally appears that Google is going to have a VoIP offering called Google…

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Please note “Jabber (aka XMPP) is not a VOIP protocol.”

Let’s say Google extend XMPP to do voice. And that it’s encrypted. And it “just works” as well as Skype. And that they work out NAT and firewall busting so it “just works” when unsophisticated users try it. And they build worldwide POTS gateways to support POTS in and POTS out. And there’s an API. And then they add video. Then where’s the killer USP that will persuade all the early adopters who use Skype to switch? And all the MSN and YM! users to switch?

I hope it happens but that’s a big bite to try and chew.

Mind you, if all they do is produce a consumer grade client for Jabber (as opposed to the current geek grade offerings), that will be something.

Jason Dowdell

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jabber wasn’t part of the equation at all and they’ve built their own IM / IC server. My speculations are purely based on what I think they will do, not what other folks have said thus far.

Jens Alfke

Jabber (aka XMPP) is not a VOIP protocol. It’s an open instant messaging protocol, primarily text-based, comparable to AIM or MSN Messenger. If Google is running a Jabber server, that says nothing about whether they will be doing VOIP.

Now, it’s possible to send SIP messages over Jabber to negotiate a VOIP connection (iChat can do that) but the actual voice/video connection would run entirely independently of Jabber.

Jason Dowdell

I think we should call this Google’s IC [Instant Communicator] rather than IM client. My sources say the tool is going to be released tomorrow but I didn’t ask for specifics on it. My personal speculation is this tool will be their first forray into VOIP. Whether or not it will allow voip to connect to a standard phone on this first rev is unclear but there are many ways in which Google can/will generate revenue off of their new IC client. If they offer land line termination then there’s the per minute fee and who’s to say they’re not going to offer voice search as part of the overall strategy. As wifi phones get more and more popular it’s going to be a great way to incorporate that feature and increase ad revenue and a pay per call model.

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What Will Google Talk Be?

Dirson (he found is live, but not responding) and many others, including the NYT yesterday, have been speculating about a new communications tool promised out of the Googleplex for tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s anything from an IM client…


Google has an XMPP server up…

Details at Neowin and voice capability speculation at Om Malik’s. He theorizes that Skype is in trouble….

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It Looks Like it’s Will Be an IM client…

The resourceful Om Malik figures out a key part of the Google puzzle.  He claims that the new product to be introduced by the search engine giant will be an IM client using Jabber (self-proclaimed “the Linux of IM” – hey, if their stuff wor…


Google talk

Google talk: Om Malik has a theory about rumors regarding Google introducing an instant messaging client.

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