WiMax Delayed – Again

There is a lot of people who knock the 3G cellular world and are quick to trumpet the magical wonders of WiMax, the much delayed, long awaited technology formerly known as “fixed wireless.” 3G is here, and if you believe EVDO lovers, well doing well is some parts of the country. On the flip side, all of Intel’s millions hasn’t helped WiMax come to market. Unstrung says that now the first batch of WiMax certified equipment isn’t going to be available till October 2005. Don’t hold your breath. This is only going to delay the general product availability by another few months. Of course, good time for Qualcomm to start making a big push on Flarion based wireless broadband systems. Mike Masnick over at Techdirt writes, “once again, the whole concept of WiMax may have peaked way too early. In the meantime, the companies who are really interested in WiMax have moved on to focus on mobile WiMax equipment which isn’t even standardized yet, let alone certified.”

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