Feedster has just announced Feedster 500 list. Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster writes, “We used the algorithm that we thought best for this first-pass at the Feedster Top 500 blogs list. It is a ranking of the blogs with the most inbound links over time, however […] Read more »

– NASA’s Web Moves: For the recent space shuttle Discovery launch, NASA estimates there were about 4.3 million user sessions and 28 millio… Read more »

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Alacra, one of the B2B premium content vendors/distributors, has launched a biz/consumer-focused online store, called the AlacraStore, in be… Read more »

A consumer survey from mobile software firm Critical Path has identified a strong interest in mobile email among consumers. At this point it… Read more »

+ Sprint EVDO in Bay Area is partially working, perhaps beating out the good ole Verizon which is likely to power it up in the Bay Area in the third week of September 2005. + Mayor Gavin Newsom is going to shed light on San Francisco’s […] Read more »

MSN is to overhaul the ad opportunities available on the portal worldwide, as part of a strategic push to boost its position in its most imp… Read more »

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Marking the first distribution from Intel’s recently-created $200 million Intel Capital China Technology Fund, the company reported today th… Read more »

Dwango, the Seattle-based mobile content vendor/provider, has replaced its CEO: Rick Hennessey, resigned as CEO and a member of the board to… Read more »

The BBC has released more details for the local TV news pilot service due to start in the West Midlands during December. The pilot will run… Read more »

DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards. A Windows version of DTV and a full website are well underway and will arrive in the next several weeks. Read more »

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Sprint has finalized its deal with NFL for a five-year deal to become the league’s official wireless sponsor. No finan… Read more »

Chief Executive Officer Chris Davis and Chief Financial Officer Ken Burckhardt resigned from McLeodUSA. They are short on cash and well now the executives are jumping ship. And it is pretty clear that the company is on a death watch Read more »

(reg. req.): A long interview/profile of Felix Dennis, the head of Dennis Publishing, the parent of magazines like Maxim, The Week, and othe… Read more »

The Lambda Network Project is a glimpse into the future when everything is tied over a network that zips bits at speeds of 10 gigabits per second. I wrote about this back when I worked at Red Herring. Like the first generation educational networks led to […] Read more »

I mean, AOL has launched its wireless portal. Excellent! Read more »

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has launched its first consumer blog, in its health section…it has been working on “Health Blogs” for some time now but… Read more »

AOL continues its stagger into the mobile market…it has launched aolmobile.com, a “personalized mobile portal that makes it easy to learn… Read more »

PC Pro ran a survey on downloadable music and was surprised at “the amount of people already using their phones as a music platform – 12.6 p… Read more »

I didn’t expect this…Amp’d Mobile has bought Ninja Mobile‘s development division, which had created the base (named Rope Platform) upon which Amp’d’s community, blogging, dating, commerce, multiplayer gaming, location-based and additional server-driven applications, are being built. Since Amp’d is focussed on content it needs a very […] Read more »

Autonomy has upgraded its mobile search service to appeal to network operators who want to provide consumers with targeted opt-in mobile con… Read more »

The Financial Express: In recent times, the emergence of sub-Rs 10,000 computing devices has become a predominant trend in the Indian PC bus… Read more »

The Microsoft Tablet PC team has released some screen shots of the WindowsVista beta running on a Tablet PC.  No information was provided indicating what model Tablet PC was used. The images below show the floating TIP icon on the left side of the screen, the […] Read more »

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