Why Vonage should be blogging

Vonage, one of the VoIP’s early revolutionaries, has benefitted from the blog world. In the early days, much before they had mega-millions to burn, it was the early adopter blogger community that embraced Vonage. Today, when their system experienced a massive failure, there was little or no information from the company. It was sporadic emails and some other updates, but there was no “real time” communications from the company. All you have to do is read my comments section, or perhaps the wonderful Vonage Forum threads and you realize that anger of Vonage’s customers. Giving them a free service for a few weeks while might cool down a few people, but will that be enough? I personally think this is a slow motion PR disaster in the making. (Has anyone else noticed the lack of coverage of this topic most everywhere – old and new new media – alike.)

Brian Oberkirch emailed and asked, “Is there an official Vonage blog?  I’m thinking of the real cost associated with a widely broadcast outage, and then thinking that they should have an outlet to talk very directly about what is going on.” He later posted on his blog:

> If you’re spending mad money educating everyone on VoIP and acquiring your customers online, why aren’t you throwing a few peanuts after it and leading via blogging? Vonage, wake up. You should own VoIP blogging. When I Google VoIP blog a week from now, you should bubble up to the top.

Oh how right he is. Vonage, which is in the consumer service business should consider a more ongoing dialog with its community. I think the intimacy most of us had with Vonage made the company special, and an early success. By blogging, they can rekindle the flame, and keep the consumers and others informed. Its not about acquiring customers – its about keeping them happy. Happy customers of today are viral salespeople of tomorrow. Blogging will be a great start for Vonage.

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