Apple Mighty Mouse

Wow – this came out of Left Field. Apple released the Mighty Mouse today. In typical Apple style, it looks really sleek. But will the features perform as well? Hopefully someone will soon get their hands on one and let us know. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown.

It’s got touch sensitive areas where you would normally see 2 buttons on a mouse. That’s right, 2 buttons!! There’s also a 360 degree scroll ball right on top, for scrolling in whichever direction you desire. Add a couple edge buttons, programmable for Dashboard, Expose, or whatever you want, and you’ve got a mouse from Apple that just about catches up all the time it’s lost in the mouse technology arena.

You can pick one up for $49. It’ll also work on a PC via USB.
Hat tip, Engadget for bringing this to my attention.

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