Yet another Verizon FIOS story

Its like same story, different newspaper. Every weekend I come across a newspaper story that gushes about the Verizon FIOS project, and how wonderful it will all be. The comments from Verizon spokespeople, the general content of the story, is so boiler plate, that you often wonder … WTF! The concerns about redlining are also the same, regardless of the newspaper. This week, it is New York Daily News, which is found gushing. Apparently, the service is available in Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Next up, Arverne by the Sea, a planned community in the Rockaways. “Upgrading from copper to fiber is a huge undertaking,” Verizon spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton tells the Daily News, “We don’t have the technology to deploy FiOS in multiple-dwelling homes yet.” In other words, NYC folks – don’t count on fiber anytime soon!

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