Friends, (what else would i call folks who spend so much of their time reading my ramblings and sharing their thoughts and insights) I need your help … fine-tuning gigaom.com! The stats can only tell me which are the most popular pages, or what is the […]

Friends, (what else would i call folks who spend so much of their time reading my ramblings and sharing their thoughts and insights) I need your help … fine-tuning gigaom.com! The stats can only tell me which are the most popular pages, or what is the most linked post, or how many people visited for how long. But that’s like playing baseball by sitting in the upper deck. I really don’t know what you like, or dislike. What works, or what doesn’t work.

Since y’all are the ultimate judges and thus the consumers of what I write, it is time for me to step back and ask for your opinion on a few things, which could help improve the site, and your experience. First, I have tried to clean up the categories, and come-up with seven that I think are straight forward and to the point. Here is where I need you to tell me if something works, or doesn’t work. Should we add or drop a category. If yes, then what should it be. Secondly, I want to know, what content annoys you the most, what posts you enjoy the most. Do you like long form, or the short form posts. Is there an area which should be part of my focus, or have I gone too deep and too wide. And finally, I would love to know what your thoughts on having a forum devoted to broadband deployments/consumer VoIP services?

You can leave your comments here, so I can find them in one place. I am going keep this post right up top through the weekend. Regular posting is below the fold, so please bear with me.


  1. Om: Glad to help. I have set this has my default home page and immensely enjoy your ramblings!

    If there is a category that I want, and really appreciated recently, it is what I would call “The Scoop”. Your breaking story on Yahoo buying Dialpad, or the potential of a Yahoo/Skype merger was much appreciated. I know I can find the same story under say VOIP, but such stories, I feel, deserve a category of their own, with a link to their technology parent. Second, the intersection of VOIP, Mobile Telephony and Social Networking is going to unleash a whole suite of Technology and Business Innovations. Yup, a focus on VOIP consumer services is certainly timely.

    Coverage of companies in stealth mode would be an added plus. I know at least one player who is monitoring your site for acquisitions ideas. An occasional interview or two. But not much. Be very selective.

    More to follow. I thought I would send you my preliminary thoughts. Cheers and keep it up!

  2. You are differentiated by relaying important developments *AND* providing insightful, compact analysis backed up where possible with factoids. Too many blogs out there are mere “repeaters.”

    Yours is one of a handful of blogs I follow closely. But I scan the feed and don’t look at the categories.

    Thlinking is fine, but long form provides more to chew on.

    Do more “picture building”, pulling together a series of seemingly disparate pieces of information to reveal something hitherto unrecognized. You’re good at that.

    If you must expand, then look more at applications and services that are only now possible because of ubiquitous broadband into the home and small biz.

    Don’t loose your irreverence.

    NB: I am a poor model for the world.

  3. claeton

    thanks for your comment. i was wondering, if you could tell me the posts you appreciated and those you did not. it lets me get a better sense of your thought process.

    the reason i ask this, is because my long form is also part of an ongoing conversation, so sometimes i tend to skip the obvious (or what i think is the obvious).

    the point about apps is good. i have been thinking along those lines as well. i really need to make sure the audience gets what it wants/needs!

  4. I think the blog is fantastic. I get a broad cross section of what is in and what is out in the world of Broadband.

    However, I’d like to see some more content about search engines. The post about Yahoo! getting its “mojo” back was one of the best linked to stories that you’ve written so far this year…I think (have no idea what your numbers are).

    So more of that, yes?

  5. Jeeves

    thanks for your thoughts and points. I appreciate them… i look forward to more specifics if possible. The Scoop is a good idea and I will make sure I include that in the next mini-upgrade.

  6. I like your site for deal gossip in the social/blogging space. I tend to ignore the more telcom-centric stuff. Basically, rumors of deals and rumors of numbers once the deals are announced.

  7. First of all, I really enjoy your blog. I also like the clean organization of content. It would be interesting to read your thoughts on the IPTV sector more often, since this will be a hot topic, and pushed to consumers soon. And of course IPTV is related to many of the topics you already cover so well.

  8. om,
    the blog is great, and your decision to seek feedback on how to change/improve it is a healthy part of the creative process. it means you’re still engaged in what you’re writing and, more important, interested in meeting the needs of your readers. i have always giga.com to be one of “the” benchmarks as i toil away on my blog.

    cheers, mark

  9. Om,

    compliments on your blog. The distinguishing feature is the brain you put in your posts. Comments and conjectures on industry trends are definitely among the things I would like to continue seeing.

    I find the posts where some math is involved particularly appealing, such as “Vonage Scary Big Spending Ways” and “Vonage Will Need Money Again”.

    Where possible, e.g. like for IPO-pricing, more posts like that are a real value-add.


  10. More Lindsay Lohan analogies please!


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