Nokia has been one of the few companies that has actually embraced open media in general and mobile blogging (photo blogging) in specific. A lot of credit for that goes to Christian Lindholm, the daddy of Nokia Lifeblog, a tiny application that lets you post photos […]

Nokia has been one of the few companies that has actually embraced open media in general and mobile blogging (photo blogging) in specific. A lot of credit for that goes to Christian Lindholm, the daddy of Nokia Lifeblog, a tiny application that lets you post photos to either Flickr or TypePad/MT blogs right from the phone itself. His concept of recording our daily lives with photos is so obvious, yet so powerful. Apparently, the application’s day to day responsibility is going over to something called Multimedia group, which means CL won’t be giving it as much TLC as he has so far. Lifeblog incidentally is going to be embedded in every single NSeries phone. I was checking out his blog and apparently, he is now looking for an encore. Now I am clearly reading between the lines, but looks like CL, one of the smartest wireless UI minds on the planet is looking at life beyond Nokia.

On his blog he writes, “I am looking forward to a long summer break. Six great weeks of holiday, two weeks bonus after being 10 years with Nokia and 4 weeks of normal vacation provides a perfect transition from Lifeblog to the next thing. During the summer I will think of what to do next. I am not in a rush away from Nokia, a company very very dear to me. “ Still, if a wireless company is looking to snag a seasoned hand away for the Finnish phone giant, this might be a good time to do so. I know Yahoo could use some wireless help. It certainly would be nice to have him basking in the glorious California sunshine. Meanwhile, we shall all enjoy Nokia Lifeblog. My Business 2.0 piece on Nokia Lifeblog.

  1. om,

    your kind words mean a lot to us. christian has taught me a lot over the years, first as we worked on different parts of series 60, and then as i worked with him in the lifeblog team.

    not only has he taught me to always think of the total experience (not just usability) of a product or service, but he labeled a new attitude for us: wasabi.

    one day as we were reviewing the early marketing of lifeblog, he said (as best as i can reconstruct): ‘charlie, the marketing is great, but it needs a bit of wasabi. sushi is just raw fish, but when you as wasabi – woosh!’

    well, since then, we put wasabi (and irreverence) into everything we did, breaking a ton of corporate standard practices along the way, getting the job done, and succeeding marvelously considering our minuscule team size and budget.

    we were so successful, so much so that the main-line businesses finally woke up and took the whole project for themselves. it was what we wanted, but put christian and i out of a job. ;-)

    let’s hope these multimedia group guys keep the wasabi flowing.



  2. [...] My dear friend Christian Lindholm has left Nokia and joined Yahoo as VP of Global Mobile Product first based in London and then moving to California late in 2006. This indeed is good news, and a clear sign Yahoo is very serious about the mobile space. Christian who helped father the first real moblog app, Lifeblog, thinks Nokia is doing pretty well but its time for him to change. CL was also the father of the Nokia Series 60 and Navi-key UI. He and Russell in the same office… imagine! Talking about Russell, his love affairs with OSes are beginning to resemble the love life of Paris Hiliton. Today he is sweating Linux. CL, I know, will clearly add more magic to Flickr! In Unwired Posted Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 2:43 PM PT [...]

  3. [...] Christian Lindholm, the father of Lifeblog software and Navikey UI leaves Nokia . A few weeks later Lindholm joins Yahoo. A few months later WSJ publishes plans of Yahoo teaming up with SBC and Cingular of joining a co-branded phone made by Nokia. WSJ calls this move “launch of services for advanced cellphone networks.” The cellphone will play digital music, and will have a 1.3 megapixel camera, and be able to do other stuff like TV. (Sounds like 6682, doesn’t it!) I am guessing this is Cingular looking for content for its soon to be launched HSDPA network. Don’t worry, you won’t see the phone till next year. Yahoo just like to announce ahead of time, it seems [...]

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  5. I really feel Christian Lindholm is out of his element here. This man, while working for Nokia, had few ideas himself. Being called the Father of the Series 60 is, without a doubt, overblown. He knows who and where the whole concept comes from. Just ask him about Mother program. And he knows damn well who was the first to develop this interface.

    This man is a political animal. He takes the work of other individuals. There is a long list of people he has done wrong.

    Surely Yahoo should know what lies this man bases his resume on. And surely Yahoo is a company that will see this man is way out of his league.

    If you want a list of the real people who has done the work, it would be easy to show. Also Christian can see the user specifications of the ” Mother Program” which could be in my possession. Ask him to explain all of this. Father of the Series 60?? No way

    Somebody could really dig into the real Lindholm and come up with the truth.


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