Comcast says VoIP will grow us.

Comcast is betting that VoIP phones, which it describes as digital phone service is going to become its next profitable business venture. The company promises to be in 20 markets by end of 2005, and offer this service in all of its markets by 2006, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told shareholders at the annual shareholder meeting in Philadelphia. The company hopes to get 8 million fresh phone subscribers by the end of the decade, a 20% penetration rate. Now that’s not good news for the phone companies. This is in addition to 1.2 million old phone subscribers the company hopes to bring online to its digital phone (voip) service. He also pointed out that the Internet business has kept growing because the company has been aggressive in speed enhancements and adding more features. These comments came at a time when shareholders were agitating to get Roberts booted out.
via The Washington Post

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