VoIP Battle for Las Vegas

Cox Communications is all set to launch its VoIP service in the Las Vegas area, according to local daily, The Las Vegas Review & Journal. The service will be offered in a yet-to-be selected area of northwestern Las Vegas in October, Cox Vice President Steve Schorr told the daily, and will expand the services to other parts of Nevada soon. Cox is trying to steal business from local incumbent, Sprint, which itself is merging with Nextel. The post merger Sprint is going to spin-off the local operations into a separate company.

Cox rolled out its VoIP service in central Florida. “Unlike regular voice-over IP calls, Cox’s calls won’t travel on the public Internet; they instead will go over Cox’s own national fiber-optic network, and if necessary, onto existing telephone networks.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and that’s got nothing to do with two hit television series based around the Sin City. Many of Bay Area high rollers have quit technology business and have started building condo complexes in Nevada. Which explains why Nevada is a hotly contested market. Nevada Utilities, for instance has been test marketing its own voice-over-IP service for a year and has 400 voice-over-IP customers. via

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