Samsung to produce flash-based HDD replacements

Samsung Electronics plans to begin production in August on hard drive replacements based on flash memory chips.  Flash memory based storage has a number of advantages over traditional hard drives, lower weight, lower power comsumption and higher data transfer rates being chief among them.  The only real disadvantage that flash storage has over conventional HDD storage is a much higher cost, something Samsung believes mass production can mitigate.

Samsung has offered no pricing details but claims their storage devices can go as high as 16 GB with a 57 MB per second read rate and 32 MB per second write rate.  The solid state disk (SSD) only consumes 5 percent of the power used by a hard drive and only weighs half as much.  Samsung stated they expect to see SSDs in Tablet PCs and laptops before long.

(PC World via Mike Cane (welcome back, my friend))

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