I received an email from Charles Pazos this past weekend asking how to set up Mail to check your GMail account. Here you go, Charles. From Google’s help page : —– Open Apple Mail. Click ‘Mail,’ and select ‘Preferences…’ Open the ‘Accounts’ tab, and click the […]

I received an email from Charles Pazos this past weekend asking how to set up Mail to check your GMail account. Here you go, Charles.

From Google’s help page :

Open Apple Mail.
Click ‘Mail,’ and select ‘Preferences…’

Open the ‘Accounts’ tab, and click the plus sign (+) along the bottom to add a new account.

Enter ‘pop.gmail.com’ in the ‘Incoming Mail Server:’ field.
Enter your Gmail username (including ‘@gmail.com’) in the ‘User Name:’ field.
Enter your Gmail password in the ‘Password:’ field.

Select ‘Add Server…’ from the pop-up labeled ‘Outgoing Mail Server,’ and enter ‘smtp.gmail.com’ in the ‘Outgoing Mail Server:’ field.
Enter ‘587’ in the ‘Server port:’ field.

Check the box next to ‘Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).’
Select ‘Password’ next to ‘Authentication:’ and enter your Gmail username (including ‘@gmail.com) and Gmail password.
Click ‘OK.’
Click ‘Advanced’ and check the box next to ‘Use SSL.’ (The port changes to ‘995.’)


I’ve followed these directions for my two machines that I’ve set up GMail on, and had no problems. Good luck!

By Rich Trouton

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  1. You must also remember to turn on POP3 in Gmail’s Preferences if it isn’t already.

  2. Can you do the same for yahoo at all? only i have about four yahoo accounts that i want to bring together, but for some bizzare reason entourage doesn’t want to let me – only letting me on one of my yahoo accounts, and my hotmail account. So can you show the instructions for using mail with a yahoo account?

  3. Rich Trouton Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Yahoo has POP3 setup instructions set up here: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/pop/

    Since Yahoo only has POP3 access for their paying customers, and I’m not one, I haven’t tested theirs like I have GMail’s.

  4. I’ve followed the steps but a weird thing keeps happening. I’ll click on get mail and it won’t pull down the new mail I have on my Gmail account. I can see the new mail using my normal Gmail account, it just isn’t being pulled down right away into my Apple Mail client.

    Any ideas?

  5. Rich Trouton Monday, May 23, 2005


    Are you able to download your GMail mail, only with a delay between the time it shows up in the webmail and when you’re able to download it into your Mail client? Or is it not downloading period?

  6. I am to eventually download it, but it could take several hours from when I can see it in on the web version of Gmail until I can access it on my Client (even after clicking on “get mail now”).

    I don’t have this problem with my .Mac or my Yahoo accounts… just Gmail. Very strange.

  7. All I want to do is set my “MAIL” so that it will send mail through my yahoo mail account. I’m perfectly happy using yahoo to manage my mail. But everytime I click on a mail address on the internet (mailto: etc…) it opens up “MAIL” . I’d like to be able to actually compose the message using MAIL and send it out through my yahoo account. But when I do this, I get a message saying, Error! Message could not be appended to the Outbox. and it doesn’t send it! Any ideas for a fix, or how I can make yahoo mail, not Aplle “Mail”, open when I click on a mailto address ??

    1. try going to Mail preferences, under accounts click the arrow menu to the right of your outgoing mail server – SMTP – there will be the option to ‘edit server list’, select this go to Advanced and check that your password has been entered there. I spent hours with the same problem as you are having and found my password blank – now all fine,
      good luck

  8. Hillel, I believe you must have a Yahoo “Pro” account or whatever their pay service is, to be able to have any sort of POP interaction with your Yahoo account.

  9. Rich Trouton Monday, June 6, 2005


    Since the mailto: links prompt for your default email program to open a new email compose window, rather than allowing you to open a specific webpage, the best way that I can think of to solve your problem is to upgrade your Yahoo account to a paid account, which will then allow you to have POP access, like Josh mentions. You can then set up Mail to use your Yahoo account to send and receive your email using Apple’s Mail.

  10. thank Josh and Rich for your responses.
    Actually I am a paying yahoo member, having their “mail plus” service. So I’d be grateful to hear from others who have actually set up Yahoo and Mail to talk to each other!
    I’ve trying to set up mail to send through my yahoo account, but with no luck. I keep getting an Error message saying that the message could not be appended to the Outbox. I’ve tried to follow the instructions on Yahoo about setting up Mail, but they don’t really support Mac setup. Here’s what I’ve got:
    account type: POP
    incoming Mail server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
    user id and password: mine
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    server port: 25
    SSL is unchecked
    authentification: none (though I also tried it with my user id and password typed in.

    still, I can’t use Mail to send messages! I keept getting that Outbox error! Also, mail coming in to Yahoo, never gets to Mail, though I don’t really care about that….


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