NetZero’s 3G and VoIP Package

Just when you thought that dial-up is going to the way of the Yankees, here comes Netzero (owned by United Online) with a technology they are calling “3G” that is faster than (obviously) AOL’s dial-up and uses compression hacks to give users an “instant” Internet experience. (Google’s web accelerator also does pretty much the same!) Reading David Freeberg’s post I could not figure out what special sauce Netzero is going to be using except caching and compression, but Mark Goldston was paranoid enough to not give out details, lets Netscape and People PC copy then. Netzero is also launching a VoIP service soon …. no details, but David seems to be seriously excited. I remain skeptical of VoIP over dial-up for many reasons. I think they might be doing some kind of a VoIP chat service, but that’s all.

Goldston said that it would be something that was majorly different then any other VOIP product — something that would really set them apart and not just on price. Goldston was optimistic that this would really shock the market when they introduce it.

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