AOL’s VoIP-Video Enabled IM

AOL, like Microsoft has finally woken up to the true potential of their IM clients, and is now going to rearchitect AIM client to adapt to new market realities. Focus will shift from text to multimedia messaging, including voice and video. AOL VoIP could be a nice plug-in here. Associated Press has details about this next generation IM software, called Triton, which is expected to be released by year end. The tab features (better in AudiumX) is one new feature planned.

AOL engineers took a modular approach in building Triton. That means new features, such as support for Internet-based phones, can be easily added as a block rather than retrofitted into the software as is now the case. Chamath Palihapitiya, general manager of AIM, said, “Would you ever have thought in 1996 that this computer is going to be used for … sending stuff to mobile phones and initiating calls over the Internet?’ he asked. Triton will also incorporate ‘IM Catcher,’ IM’s version of a spam folder. The tool collects all messages from those not on your buddy list.”

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