Singapore’s Broadband TV

Starhub, the Singapore IP carrier which just launched a 3G service has also rolled out a 25 Megabits per second broadband TV offering called i.View, a package of well know television channels like CNN, E! and Fashion TV to the computers. These channels are cable quality, and part of a new wired package that connects at speeds of upto 25 MBPS, and is being sold as MaxOnline Ultimate. So how much is this going to cost? $75 a month including taxes. Starhub offers a whole plethora of services. What else can you expect from one of the major carriers in the most wired little island in the world. As for 3G wireless, Starhub is offering free incoming video calls. After delaying the launch of its service – mostly because the carrier felt that 3G handsets were too expensive – Starhub is clearly wasting no time.

Talk about jumping the gun. I incorrectly posted that the StarHub was offering a 25 megabits 3G wireless service. Actually it is wired broadband. My mistake – since I did not scan the release properly.

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