Tri-Mode 3G-WiFi Router-Bridge

Earlier this month, the news of a home brewed WiFi-EVDO router/bridge, left many wondering – should I build one too? I have an easier solution … just buy it. Our friend, Robert Kim who is somewhat of an EV-DO expert tells us that he is selling a mobile bridge made by Chinese firm Top Global. The router/bridge takes in data from either HSDPA or EVDO networks and rebroadcasts for sharing via WiFi. Dual mode 3g… that’s hot!

Here is the best part – the two different networks can be accessed at the same time, or you can use one network as a main connection, while other is just a back-up. The flexible systems architecture of the Universal MobileBridge supports any of the combinations of EVDO, CDMA 1x, EDGE, and UMTS today and can smoothly migrate to support HSDPA and EVDO Rel.A standards with firmware upgrade in the near future.

Kim has some cool hacks which boost the speeds of EV-DO to about 2 megabits per second, and as a result this is more of a real broadband experience. Not sure about the upload speeds for now, though Kim claims 200 kilobits per second. Unless you are uploading a lot of files, this should do the trick, especially when driving around. (Buy it here!)

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