FCC Pepper Talks Sling, Podcasting and Consumers

robert pepper Robert Pepper, acting chief of the FCC’s Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, in a speech professed his love for broadband, consumers and Sling Media. One of the few officials to understand the game changing impact of broadband, he pointed out that faster pipes and cheap storage are changing rules of the game for broadcasting business.

He was giving a keynote at NAB in Las Vegas. He predicted new methods of content consumption and gave a lot of respect to Sling Media.

Pepper pointed to faster, newer technologies that offer key benefits: cheaper storage, better broadband speeds and dramatic improvements in compression. Take the plummeting cost of storage. The cost of storing video today is around $1.35 per hour. In 2010, Pepper predicted the cost would fall to around 2 cents an hour.

“The mix of broadband and compression and cheap storage are giving consumers more choice and more control,’ Pepper said, noting the proliferation of interactive games, online gaming and podcasting. “The world is becoming more interactive,” he said, and the goal for broadcasters is to understand that and embrace the change. ‘Consumers are the drivers … and broadcasters need to find a way to use these new technologies to reinvent broadcasting for the next 50 years,’ Pepper said.

If only the pipe owners understood that – that would really changed everything!

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