Germans Love their Flarion OFDM

T-Mobile (Europe) is impressed with the results of its Flarion OFDM trials. According to Unstrung, T-Mobile’s VP of RAN Engineering, Klaus Juergen Krath, claims that the trial achieved average data downlink speeds of 1.5 Mbit/s with a peak of 3.2 Mbit/s. Average uplink speeds were 500 kbit/s, reaching peaks of 900 kbit/s. Average latency was approximately 30 milliseconds.

“It proved the high performance and low latency of the system,” said Krath. “User experience is very close to the wired LAN… There was no problem at all; the system was very stable and there was no unexpected outage.”

This could be shot in the arm for Flarion, which had been left twisting in the wind when its first like US major customer Nextel got snapped up by Sprint. The big question is will they place an order for gear, and bring it stateside. Lets hope they do for Flarion technology is pretty neat.

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